I'd suggest taking a normal ground beef dish you'd make and testing the elk + fat in it. Regardless of how you plan to keep the meat for the next few days, one of the most important things to do is get the meat cooled off quickly and thoroughly as soon as possible.

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Steaks, sausages, racks and more.

What to do with ground elk meat. 1 small onion, chopped ; Elk may be a rare delicacy, but it’s one of the healthiest and leanest red meats on the planet. 1 tablespoon butter, melted ;

1 parsnip, peeled and diced ; In my experience, when grilling a 100% elk burger you can burn the outsides before its even done because there is next to no fat content. You can make elk steaks, roasts and ribs or add strips and slices of elk to sandwiches, tacos, wraps, pasta dishes and stroganoffs.

Remember to zero out your scale with the bowl on it so you’re just weighing your meat. The meat is leaner than beef, so it cooks quickly and tastes delicious. I mix just about anything that has a decent fat in it and is cheap.

You’ll love these venison recipes! Elk meat comes in a variety of different cuts: Elk meatballs or elkloaf are other ideas in the same line.

Elk ribs are delicious, and are slightly more gamey than beef ribs. Drain the meat mixture and rinse with hot water, this. Replace elk chuck roast in your favorite roast recipe,.

Ground elk has the potential to create a variety of memorable dishes, but elk has a lot more to offer. Same with pork for the sausage. ¼ teaspoon italian seasoning ;

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It's an easy substitute in your favorite beef recipes. Pour half of meat sauce over tortillas, sprinkle with shredded cheese. Cooling the meat rapidly as soon as the elk is down will be a critical component of preventing the meat from spoiling over the next several days.

You finally tag an elk or deer but now the local butcher is swamped, forcing you into a crash course in processing your own meat. Use elk meat for barbecues, chili, stews or for shish kebabs. If there’s one thing every hunter has after a harvest its ground venison, or “deer hamburger” as.

10 tips for processing your first elk missoula, mont.— hunting season is well underway. Here’s what to make if you have an abundance of deer meat (or elk, antelope, moose) in your freezer. You can take any basic ground meat recipe and substitute elk, keeping in mind that you'll need to add some significant extra fat to account for how much leaner it will be than beef or pork.

If you grew up on hamburger helper stroganoff but your taste buds have elevated, you’ll want to try this homemade stroganoff recipe using ground elk meat. Break up tortillas into small pieces and line a 9×13” pan with half of them. We like between 5% and 10% fat in our elk burger.

Fear not, says the rocky mountain elk foundation, which offers the following tips and diagram to guide you. This will make it easier to work with and you’ll be able to add it a bit at a time to your meat. Add a quarter of the grated butter to the center of each burger and fold it in half.

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It is easy to mix and comes out about 93% lean ground meat. Around here pork loin is usually about $2 a pound. Braised elk chops are a delicious alternative to elk steaks and ground meat.

There are many mouthwatering dishes with ground elk meat, but we’ve decided to share with you only the best of them. Add the elk to a bowl with the salt and pepper. I mix it about 30/70 with the game meat.

2 cups frozen mixed vegetables ; In the past i have gone 10% beef suet with elk burger. Consider ground elk as an option for chili, burgers, and slow cooker meals.

Shape the ground meat into 4 evenly sized patties. Elk by itself tastes great and yes you can make a burger out of it but its very dry. This year i'm going 20% beef suet.

Cover with the rest of the tortilla pieces and the rest of the meat sauce. Sprinkle shredded cheese on top. Most consumers find elk to be a mild, savory, and tasty meat.

Brown ground elk meat and onion, add soups and picante sauce. In a large dutch oven brown elk, onion, garlic and green pepper in your skillet with 1 tablespoons olive oil until fully cooked. ½ pound ground elk meat ;

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